Financial Assistance Programs

Bergen New Bridge Medical Center is pleased to provide you with the following information to help you if you are unable to pay your medical bills.

New Bridge Medical Center is a hospital that offers a range of financial assistance programs to ensure that quality healthcare is accessible for everyone including those who are least able to afford it. Both uninsured patients and those with medical insurance but who may be left with balances they cannot afford to pay may qualify for the following financial assistance programs:

Our Charity Care Program offers free care based on family size and income between 134 - 300 percent of the federal poverty guidelines and other criteria. Criteria can be located at

State Aid Program - If you have received Inpatient Behavioral Health Services, you may be eligible for financial assistance through a state aid program. For more information call 201-967-4000 extension 5325.

The  Catastrophic Illness in Children Fund is financial help for families overwhelmed by a child's medical bills.

Our Extended Payment Plan Program offers payment arrangements for patients who may be unable to pay the balance at one time.

Please note that eligibility criteria, terms and conditions vary for each of the financial assistance programs listed above. Our financial counselors can help you further understand if you qualify for any of these programs and what would be covered, and can assist you with the application process.

If you have any questions regarding any of our financial assistance programs please contact Financial Counseling at 201-967-4200.